It’s been almost half a year since it was released, but it’s not sold in any stores. It’s always sold by lottery.
In order to participate in the lottery, there are various conditions.
We have to have shopped at the store in the past, be a member, and so on.
It will be rare to get it even if you participate in the lottery.
The only thing you will be left with is the disappointment of missing the lottery.
The experience of being disappointed again and again is very serious.
This feeling reduces the interest in the product.

I can still recall the elation I felt when I got my PS4 upon its release.
I got it the day it was released. It wasn’t hard to find.
I took it home with me so that my wife wouldn’t find it and opened the package with excitement.
In the end, she found out right away.

That kind of exciting experience increases the appeal of a product, doesn’t it?