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Hello. We are a family living in Hiroshima. We enjoy traveling, camping, and driving during the vacations. Here is a short video that we took and edited. I hope it will be helpful for your trip.

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It is a facility where a shop and a factory for momiji manju in the shape of autumn leaves, one of Hiroshima’s most famous sweets, are integrated.It’s about a 30 minute drive from the center of Hiroshima.It is also close […]
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This is an all-weather flower and bird theme park with one of the largest flower greenhouses in the country.Gorgeous flowers bloom throughout the year and you can meet and touch many rare birds.Beautiful and gorgeous flowers are in full bloom […]
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The main street shopping street of Hiroshima City is located about 1 km south of Hiroshima Station and is familiar to many people. It is within walking distance of Peace Park and is a must-see spot for sightseeing in Hiroshima. […]
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Built on a mountain at an altitude of 362 meters, it is the site of a medieval mountain castle and the best place to view Tsuwano. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the houses at the foot of the […]
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The Haji Dam was constructed as the first full-scale multipurpose dam in Hiroshima Prefecture. On the shores of Lake Yachiyo, the dam lake, there is Park with a lawn and large playground equipment, providing a place of recreation and relaxation […]
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This beach is located facing the Sea of Japan. It’s marked by a large windmill on a nearby hill.The beach and the sea are so beautiful.It is also known for having the earliest sea opening in Japan.The water is clean […]
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It is a very common Japanese park. You can find similar parks in many places in Japan.It has a little playground equipment, a square, and a water fountain.It is crowded with many children after school. Our children have been to […]
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It is the home of Hiroshima’s local professional baseball team, the Hiroshima Carp. It is one of the most beloved places by the people of Hiroshima.There is a bar under the right stand, which allows visitors to see the ground […]
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This was once the sea. At that time, there was a small island floating in the sea here and it was considered a mysterious place. During the reclamation and development of the area that began in 1966, the island was […]

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Finally, the camera that best matches me. Sony ZV-E1.The one I’m using now is the A7III. It was already six years ago. It was a revolutionary camera at the time, and I still have no complaints about taking pictures. Video also uses this camera, but the performance of video has become obsolete. The demand for craftsmanship in matching colors sometimes […]
Many large rivers flow through Hiroshima City. Two of the most representative rivers are the Ota River, which flows through the city, and the Ashida River, which flows through the southern part of the city. The Ota River runs north-south through Hiroshima City and flows around Peace Park, which includes the Atomic Bomb Dome in the center of the city. […]
Hiroshima is home to many delicious foods, but one of the most representative dishes is okonomiyaki. Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is characterized by a unique cooking method in which the ingredients are first cooked on a griddle, then the batter is placed on top and further cooked. In this article, we will introduce Hiroshima okonomiyaki. First, we will start with the basic […]
Japan is about to enter a small vacation season – a week or so off in a row from the end of April to the first week of May. It is called “Golden Week”. Sounds kind of strange, doesn’t it? It is Japanese English that Japanese people love. It is a combination of words that somehow sound like it to […]
This is a PR video for a not so major tourist attraction called Yanagawa. But it is entertaining with great quality. There are probably not that many people in Japan who immediately recognize the place when they hear the word “Yanagawa. This video was made for them. It is a great way to see a city full of traditional charm […]
I didn’t know until now, because I don’t usually watch TV, that SUZUKA from ATARASHII GAKKO was the MC of a morning information show. This is quite a surprise. Excitement and confusion came when I saw it in the hospital waiting room. I wonder if her signature character will be accepted by the average TV viewer. Either way, though, she […]

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