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Hello. We are a family living in Hiroshima. We enjoy traveling, camping, and driving during the vacations. Here is a short video that we took and edited. I hope it will be helpful for your trip.

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Historical buildings such as castles, temples, and shrines.


Outdoor activities at parks, campgrounds, farms, etc.


Natural landscapes such as oceans, mountains, canyons, and caves.


Large facilities such as stadiums, airfields, factories, etc.

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Built on a mountain at an altitude of 362 meters, it is the site of a medieval mountain castle and the best place to view Tsuwano. You can enjoy a […]
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The Haji Dam was constructed as the first full-scale multipurpose dam in Hiroshima Prefecture. On the shores of Lake Yachiyo, the dam lake, there is Park with a lawn and […]
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This beach is located facing the Sea of Japan. It’s marked by a large windmill on a nearby hill.The beach and the sea are so beautiful.It is also known for […]
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It is a very common Japanese park. You can find similar parks in many places in Japan.It has a little playground equipment, a square, and a water fountain.It is crowded […]
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It is the home of Hiroshima’s local professional baseball team, the Hiroshima Carp. It is one of the most beloved places by the people of Hiroshima.There is a bar under […]
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This was once the sea. At that time, there was a small island floating in the sea here and it was considered a mysterious place. During the reclamation and development […]

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Japan is about to enter a small vacation season – a week or so off in a row from the end of April to the first week of May. It is called “Golden Week”. Sounds kind of strange, doesn’t it? It is Japanese English that Japanese people love. It is a combination of words that somehow sound like it to […]
This is a PR video for a not so major tourist attraction called Yanagawa. But it is entertaining with great quality. There are probably not that many people in Japan who immediately recognize the place when they hear the word “Yanagawa. This video was made for them. It is a great way to see a city full of traditional charm […]
I didn’t know until now, because I don’t usually watch TV, that SUZUKA from ATARASHII GAKKO was the MC of a morning information show. This is quite a surprise. Excitement and confusion came when I saw it in the hospital waiting room. I wonder if her signature character will be accepted by the average TV viewer. Either way, though, she […]
I found a cute package of “Kibidango”. Kibidango is appears in Japan’s most famous fairy tale, in Momotaro. These are small rice cake-like sweets.Momotaro, born from a peach, goes to Oninoshima island to exterminate ogres. Along the way, he gives it to a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant when they join him.Although these kibidango have no effect in bringing […]
This “Senkouji” temple is located in the city of Onomichi in the eastern part of Hiroshima.We have lived in Hiroshima for a long time, but we visited there for the first time the day before yesterday. It is located on top of a mountain, from where you can overlook the picturesque city that would be the setting for a movie […]
Those who are lucky enough to win the occasional lottery are able to purchase one. Those that don’t have no choice but to buy resale products that are sold at almost double the list price. I gave up buying them and somehow lost my enthusiasm for them. I am looking at gaming PCs as a new option. It’s a very […]

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