With a new vocalist, Wednesday Campanella is so good. Her visuals are somehow nostalgic, and despite her eccentric impression, she feels familiar. I used to see girls like her in the club scene in Tokyo and on the streets of Harajuku around the late 1990s.

In the past, vocalists KOMAI created a unique world view around themselves and even had an unapproachable atmosphere.
The new vocalist, UTAHA, exudes kindness and positive energy. Her carefree approach to self-expression is appealing.

UTAHA, of course, respects her predecessor’s vocalists KOMAI, and KOMAI is also very supportive of UTAHA. I’m pleased to see that Wednesday Campanella is responding positively to this big change.
I can’t wait to see what she and Wednesday Campanella have in store for us.

She expresses her wonderful presence in promotional videos.
In the actual live video, you can see a loveliness that can’t be seen in the made up video. This is very good.