Short Movie Introducing Tourist Spots

We are a travel loving family living in Hiroshima, Japan.
On this website, you can see the movies we took while traveling.
We would be happy if it could be a reference for your trip.

Latest Update

Matsue Castle is designated as a national treasure in Japan. It is one of only twelve remaining castles in Japan that has been preserved in its origin […]
Okunojima is a small island located an hour away from the center of Hiroshima. It is commonly called Rabbit Island. There are 700 rabbits living there […]
Hofu Tenmangu Shrine was built in 904. It is dedicated to the god of learning. It is also known as a tourist spot where plum and cherry blossoms bloom […]
Okayama Castle was built in 1597. It is a rare style that a castle is built on a pentagonal stone wall. The building at that time disappeared and was […]
Hiroshima Castle was built in 1589. The current Hiroshima Castle was rebuilt in 1958, so the inside is modern. You can see the lush green city of Hiro […]
Yoshida Koriyama Castle was a castle that existed in Hiroshima from the 1500s to the 1600s. It is now a castle ruin where you can see the stone walls […]