Finally, the camera that best matches me. Sony ZV-E1.The one I’m using now is the A7III. It was already six years ago. It was a revolutionary camera at the time, […]
Many large rivers flow through Hiroshima City. Two of the most representative rivers are the Ota River, which flows through the city, and the Ashida River, which flows through the […]
Hiroshima is home to many delicious foods, but one of the most representative dishes is okonomiyaki. Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is characterized by a unique cooking method in which the ingredients are […]
Japan is about to enter a small vacation season – a week or so off in a row from the end of April to the first week of May. It […]
This is a PR video for a not so major tourist attraction called Yanagawa. But it is entertaining with great quality. There are probably not that many people in Japan […]
I didn’t know until now, because I don’t usually watch TV, that SUZUKA from ATARASHII GAKKO was the MC of a morning information show. This is quite a surprise. Excitement […]
I found a cute package of “Kibidango”. Kibidango is appears in Japan’s most famous fairy tale, in Momotaro. These are small rice cake-like sweets.Momotaro, born from a peach, goes to […]
This “Senkouji” temple is located in the city of Onomichi in the eastern part of Hiroshima.We have lived in Hiroshima for a long time, but we visited there for the […]
Those who are lucky enough to win the occasional lottery are able to purchase one. Those that don’t have no choice but to buy resale products that are sold at […]
It has been on the market for a month now and I can see a lot of reviews on it. It is definitely a great camera. Especially for people like […]
This is the site of a castle in the mountains about 90 km north of Hiroshima. It is said to have been first built in the 1100s, and by the […]
I was very surprised to learn that this new project is in the works. The original is an arcade game from the 1980s. I was very impressed with the main […]