Yoshida Koriyama Castle was a castle that existed in Hiroshima from the 1500s to the 1600s. It is now a castle ruin where you can see the stone walls […]
Tom Milk Farm is a ranch in Higashihiroshima, and you can see the barn where fresh cows, milking cows and cows on maternity leave are raised.The farm […]
This is a very important place for us. This bridge was built over 20 years ago by our father and his colleagues. We visited here for the first time an […]
Sera Yume Park is located in the northern part of Hiroshima Prefecture. The large rocks at the top of a small hill are impressive. The site is 27 hect […]
This is a small ranch located in Higashihiroshima City. You can interact with cows, sheep, rabbits and other animals. You can also enjoy making cheese […]
It is an insectarium in Hiroshima City Forest Park. You can see 500 butterflies flying among the flowers in a dome-shaped greenhouse.
A Buddhist temple of the Jodo Shinshu Hongan-ji school located in Ikuchi Island Ikuchi Island is famous for its lemons. There are many things to see a […]
This scenic town is made up of nine large and small islands floating in the Seto Inland Sea, about five kilometers southeast of Hiroshima, and is attr […]
Ishigatani Vally : It is a valley which is 7 kilometers long and has been designated as a place of scenic beauty in Hiroshima Prefecture. The season o […]
It was built in 2001 to protect the urban area around Hiroshima City from flooding and to provide a stable supply of drinking water. It is the second […]
Ryuzu(Dragon Head) Valley : It is a valley in the northern part of Hiroshima. The beautiful scenery created by clear streams, greenery and rocks is de […]
A man-made lake with a width of about 1 km and a length of 3.5 km that was built as a dam for power generation. The varied shoreline is perfect for dr […]
This cherry tree blooming in the suburbs of Hiroshima is designated as a natural monument of Hiroshima Prefecture. Unlike ordinary cherry blossoms, th […]
Hiroshima Port is located near the center of Hiroshima. It is an important hub for shipping and distribution in Hiroshima. There is a park nearby. You […]
Mount Ougonzan is located in Hiroshima city and is 220 meters above sea level. It used to be an island floating in the Setonaikai Sea, but it was recl […]
It is a comprehensive park that is maintained in a place facing the sea. There are plenty of sports facilities, and there are tennis courts with 6 sid […]
It is a waste disposal facility in Hiroshima City. The feature is the beautiful building that doesn’t look like a garbage disposal. It is close […]
Hiroshima is a city with many rivers. Among them, This Ohta River is a river that represents Hiroshima. People enjoy sports and picnics in the wide ri […]